Cooking with Confirmands

On Sunday, January 15th, 30 youth and adults gathered in the kitchen of Centenary United Methodist Church to prepare 20 pumpkin pies from scratch using pumpkins gleaned from Reed Valley Orchard. Think of the chaos of so many middle schoolers and helpers in one kitchen—most of whom have never made a pie from scratch—and you can imagine the EXTREME afternoon of cooking we had!

The youth gathered as part of a service outreach for their Confirmation class. They worked hard, scraping and scooping pumpkins and mixing ingredients. Some of the more experienced pie makers in the kitchen even showed us a thing or two about using the food processors. Their work was fantastic!

Once the ingredients were combined, students dumped the mix into ziplocked baggies (which they decorated for the recipients). The bags will be frozen and then donated to Morton Middle School, where many of the pie-party participants attend school, and distributed to families within the school system who might not have access to a made-from-scratch meal on a regular basis. It was a fun and exhausting afternoon. The kids enjoyed serving and being part of a bigger picture-- discarded pumpkin, gleaned, turned into something new (like a pumpkin pie), and then delivered to those in need. This was especially exciting because those in need were their peers.